Global Autosports Refund Policy

The Sell Your Car service on offers great value for individuals looking to expose their luxury or exotic car to an elite audience through an ad on our network. therefore cannot generally offer refunds on listing fees. adheres to the following policy with respect to all requests for refunds of listing fees:

  • will not provide any refund, for any reason, If receives the request for refund more than 48 hours after an Ad has been ordered. If you contact us after 48 hours, we will correct any mistakes that have been made in the Ad, but cannot offer a refund.

  • If you call within 48 hours of ordering an Ad, will provide a refund only for the following reasons:

    • Your Ad has not been posted within 2 business days of the order. (but you must first allow up to 48 hours for photos to post); or

    • You mistakenly ordered and paid for duplicate Ads through and seek to cancel, and obtain a refund on, the duplicate(s) only. We cannot, however, provide a refund on the original Ad.

  • cannot provide a refund for any other reason, even if you call within 48 hours of ordering an Ad. For example, we cannot provide a refund if you change your mind about the Ad, or its content or enhancements, or if you have made mistakes in submitting the Ad, or if you have not received any inquiries or offers to purchase the vehicle through, or if the vehicle has already been sold through other means. (We also cannot provide a refund if has made mistakes in the content or enhancements of the Ad.) In any case where has made such mistakes, we will of course make appropriate corrections to the Ad.

  • If you made mistakes in submitting an Ad directly with, we will make corrections to the Ad. There will be no charge for these corrections, unless you wish to order additional enhancements, in which cases there may be an additional charge. If you wish to change to a less expensive Ad, however, cannot provide any refund.

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