2017 Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster
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The first task at hand with any SV model is to drop the weight, and the Aventador SV is a full 110 pounds lighter than the base model. This weight loss is thanks to carbon-fiber door panels, rear wing, and fixed air intakes. Additionally, the rocker panels and fenders are crafted in SMC superlight. These lightweight components, combined with other weight-reduction measures inside the cabin, help drop the Avetandor SV's curb weight to just 3,362 pounds. As if the Aventador isn't wild-looking enough in its own right, the Superveloce (SV) takes that insanity and cranks it to 11. Lamborghini bumped the model's aerodynamic efficiency by 150 percent and increased downforce by 170 percent over the base model. These increases are thanks to a pair of revised front wings up front, a revised carbon-fiber rear diffuser, and a massive rear spoiler. The exterior modifications include a mesh rear grille that allows heat to easily flow from that hard-working V-12 powerplant, and a set of 20- and 21-inch lightweight matte-black wheels on the front and rear, respectively. The Aventador SV makes a bad-ass car even better without going totally overboard with design. Additionally, to lose an extra 110 in the process of bumping the downforce requires a ton of engineering and creativity, so my hat goes off to the engineers and designers at Lambo for pulling this off. On the inside, the Aventador SV gets a nice upgrade too. The first thing is that the carbon-fiber monocoque is more visible in this model than it is in the base Aventador, as you can see it on the center tunnel and the side sills. This may not necessarily help with reducing weight, but it does help match the cabin of the SV to its amazing performance. What does help drop some weight from the cabin are the carbon-fiber seat shells that are wrapped in Alcantara with Y-shaped leather inserts. Additionally, Lambo rolled out a new material that it calls Carbon Skin. This material, which is used for the headliner and on various other parts of the cabin, is a form of carbon fiber that is soft to the touch, but also durable. The driver is greeted by an exclusive instrument cluster in the SV. This unit is dominated by yellow, and features a blue shift indicator and a G-force meter. The Aventador SV shown in Geneva features a stunning black-and-red interior theme, but there are five other color combos to choose from. Buyers who need more customization can commission the Ad Personam program to create a bespoke cabin. Under the hood of the Aventador SV is the same 6.5-liter V-12 engine that we all know and love, but in this lightweight beast it produces 740 horsepower at 8,400 rpm and 509 pound-feet of torque at 5,500 rpm. That's 39 horsepower higher than the base Aventador, while the torque remains unchanged. The power routes through a seven-speed, ISR automated-manual transmission and heads out to all four wheels via Lambo's permanent all-wheel-drive system. The power bump combined with the weight loss helps drop the 0-to-62-mph sprint time to 2.8 seconds while its top speed remains consistent at more than 217 mph. As always, speed isn't all that Lamborghini is known for, as all of its cars are also notorious for all that awesome sound that flows from the exhaust pipes. In the Aventador SV, this noise is enhanced by a revised exhaust system with reduced backpressure. The Aventador SV has three driver settings. The Strada setting is best for on-road daily driving, Sport livens the transmission, engine, suspension, and steering up a little, while Corsa is a track-only setting that turns down all of the fun-killing nannies and gives you the most connected experience. The Aventador was awesome enough in its standard form, but to drop the weight and kick to output up a few pegs is simply incredible. The changes might not seem dramatic in terms of power and weight, but when you're dealing with a highly tuned car like the Aventador, there is only so much Lamborghini can do and still make the car drivable. This is a delicate balance of race and street car, and I am willing to bet that it sells out in mere hours. -


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